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eye_C magazine is an online platform and a physical publication focusing on providing coverage and news on fashion and culture. Through articles and different forms of original content such as editorials, features and interviews, brands and collections are being showcased.

In the past months, eye_c has started to team up with a variety of brands to create new silhouettes or special iterations of already existing items. Recent collaborations include eye_c x Korean outdoor brand CMF Outdoor Garment and Japanese sock manufacturer Rototo.





For their latest collaboration, eye_c has teamed up with norbit by Hiroshi Nozawa for a collaborative Duffle MOD Coat.

norbit’s Duffle MOD Coat is a blend of two highly regarded classics, the M-65 Parka and the Duffle Coat. Mixing these two designs has resulted in a truly unique piece of outerwear featuring a toggle button closure at the front, pads on the shoulders, two zip pockets and two regular pockets at the front, zip openings on each side for easy access to your trouser pockets and the classic fishtail finish at the back.

eye_C has created a limited charcoal/grey water repellent version of the jacket for Autumn/Winter ‘21. This is also the first time the piece comes in contrasting colors.