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Hajime Inoue, the owner and the designer of TCB jeans started his career as a salesman in Hiroshima.

During that period, he was attracted by tailors who were sewing jeans for individual standards of clients.

In 2000, when he was 20 years old, he moved to Kojima, Okayama and started working at a sewing factory,

then 2008, he founded a company TCB, which is originally a sewing factory, not a brand.




TCB is an old slang of american teenagers, 'Taking Care of Business', implies the one who does it the best.

But also it means two cats brand as Hajime adore cats. He is such an cat-lover.

In that reason, you'll find this concept everywhere from waist patches to inner labels.




He was also a big fan of baseball in school days, and it seems that he was more engaged in amercian sport, more he immersed himself in the roots of american culture. And this is the reason why he produced most products based on 1920s - 1970s vintage amercian products.




TCB produce every products exclusively in their own factory. They have old/vintage machines and sewing equipments which is quite difficult to find in other brands.





Hajime also loves vintage Levi's products. He owned 1950s ad 60s vintage Levi's jeans, and he decided to reproduce them as he loved them so much.

He tried to fully convey all the important details but with a few exceptions. (like two cats leather patches instead of two horses.)





As he spent a lot of time to llok for the right denim, it was very important for him to develope the fabric very similar to 1950s and 1960s.

He found this solution from Zimbabwe cotton which has special charm, and the beauty in the process of aging.

This fabric is manufactured exclusively for TCB Jeans also in Okayama.




Available now at Cultizm, including their famous 30's type I jacket and 50's type II jacket as well as 50's slim jeans.




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