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Cultizm x Buttero


CULTIZM x Buttero

Collaboration to celebrate our 15 years anniversary

Buttero is certainly the best footwear brand that we've worked with for a long time.
The company itself was founded in 1974 by Mauro Sani who set out to make the best riding boots in the world.
It is still run by the Sani family, thus the soul is bound to Tuscany, Italy and all are made in this region from the beginning.
Not so many people know how hard to make this quality product in this price level. CULTIZM carried a lot of footwear brands, and we're sure Buttero is one of the best shoemakers in the world.
They are simple, honest, always using the best local vegetable-tanned leathers which age beautifully. (Tuscany is definitely the best area for leather products.)
Even though it started to make the best riding boots, they're also producing many different types of shoes these days.
Recently the brand is more recognized with their one of the new design sneakers, Carrera.
Carrera is really well-made sneakers not only for the shape and the out-stitching, but also becuase of it's comfortness by using Vibram outsole.
However, their newest sneaker line is Vinci, which is already running very well and we believe it will a future icon of Buttero.
Normally we bring our own idea to the brand first and ask them for advice.
But with Buttero, we asked them to work absolutely free, but it should be something about CULTIZM.
Buttero came with more than 5 prototypes, and we dropped many of them. (sorry to the designer...)
And finally we found two products that we especially liked the most.

We wanted to have indigo/navy color as a main theme.
Vinci design is already perfect, so we didn't want to change anything of it.
Then the next was the leather, we thought their suede leather is perfectly work with the entire mood.
Except indigo/navy, we wanted to have a brown/beige color as a second, then another point color for the third.
Three colors were enough otherwise it will be full with multiple colors.
Like we worked for the shoes, we asked Buttero marketing manager Giulia to work for pictures.
We fully trusted them, and let them work for any images as they want to create.
Release: March 2019


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