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nanamica is known for using performance fabrics, perfect for urban exploration in wet and windy weather to keep you dry and warm.

Being admirers of the ocean, the nanamica-team was looking out at the Shonan sea one day, imagining Hawaii out there beyond the Pacific Ocean and California further beyond, when the realization hit them: “The ocean is one and the world is connected.” After contemplating about this thought, they finally came up with the phrase “One Ocean, All Lands”.

Taking these words as their mantra, nanamica would like to continue supporting a peaceful way of living based on the philosophy that sees the world as one.

nanamica's clothing has both, the functionality to let anyone wear it comfortably and design that allows it to be worn for a long time, regardless of where you live or how old you are. They hope that putting on their clothing lets people feel freer and relaxed in their daily lives. Through clothing, they share this thought with people all around the world.

By creating environmentally sustainable clothing that is not fixed to any certain nationality or way of thought, nanamica strives to support a peaceful way of living. This idea is represented by the words, “ONE OCEAN, ALL LANDS. The ocean is one and the world is connected.

”This is the message that we want to express with the unbleached tag on the items."

nanamica’s Spring/Summer ’22 Collection is now available in our shop.

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