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GR10K, founded in 2019 by Anna Grassi, explores the world of technical fabrics and the fashion of utilitarian workwear. Her family’s historical company, Alfredo Grassi SPA, has been a technical textile manufacturer since 1925 and is based in Northern Italy as well. Alfredo Grassi SPA is a professional technical company which not only fabricates workwear overalls, but also produces technical fabrics. Thus GR10K is able to use textiles such as Gore-Tex, DSM (Dyneema), 3M and others.

They work with up-cycled fabrics and designs that had previously been developed for working-class jobs such as firefighting or postal work, and reimagine them in a modern utilitarian style. Using unique technical fabrics and understated designs have allowed GR10K to create its own distinct style in the modern fashion world we experience today.

Their Spring/Summer ’22 Collection is based around the concept of the ‘contemporary over-saturation of information, compressed newsfeeds and at-large scare holds masses to verging monomanias’. Published by Nobel prize winning author Heinrich Böll in 1979, ‘The Safety Net’ (original title: Fürsorgliche Belagerung) is a novel about intercepting news as an overriding force to obliterate neutrality for concurrent scrutiny. When present-day stimuli command erasure, uncertainty and household deprivation, an uncensored blockage is supplied as a shielding platform for disappearance.

GR10K’s Spring/Summer ’22 Collection consists of garments, habits and style behaviours specifically carried by hidden groups of information junkies. Staged in a generic lower-ground storage facility, used as an ideal hiding compound furnished with limited resources and careless building materials, the collection describes a divided format of life casted outside traditional norms, habits and privacy. Through a resized format of seclusion, the season investigates familial deconstruction understood as the structural bonding between social groups and youthful gathering complexes. A scarce emergency home sheltering off communications forwards standard garments program into ice-related bonding.

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