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The fashion collective GmbH was founded in 2016 by designer Serhat Isik and photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby. The label is based in Berlin and fuses elements of underground club culture with cross-cultural references and Berlin’s diverse street culture within their workwear-minded approach to streetwear. As both founders are children of immigrants, their collections often discourse political issues.

Using premium deadstock textiles sourced from Milan, their wardrobe staples are precisely rendered in warm-toned, crushed velvets and gauzy meshes. Ultra glossy vinyls and brushed leathers extend super-long trousers while structural panelling elevates their jackets to new heights. Casual French terry knits and tunic-style poplin shirts are refined with unexpected utility pockets and zip accents, in order to showcase the label’s intention of infusing menswear with spectacularly unusual details.

With their Spring/Summer ‘22 Collection, Serhat Isik and Benjamin Huseby took perhaps the first step towards post-colonial fashion re-appropriation by initializing a safari of their own - a white safari.

“We didn’t want to do what we normally do. We always research our own heritage and history. With this one, we wanted to explore what whiteness is, maybe because we’re tired of exploring what our brownness is. Because we’re always forced to deal with - or confront or to defend - our BIPOC identity, our brownness. And that’s not a color we chose. And you could say it was white people who created these ideas of color and race or otherness. We wanted to turn that othering around.” (Serhat Isik).