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We are happy to announce TheOpen Product as the first women’s only brand at CULTIZM. As we have been incorporating women’s styling into brands traditionally considered as “menswear” and offer different unisex brands, we felt that it was time to propose clothing specifically made for women.

The Seoul-based fashion label reflects the constant changes of modern times. By finding beauty in the imperfections and steering away from the status quo, TheOpen Product brings together different unique aspects and creates a refreshing harmony.

TheOpen Product re-envisions timeless silhouettes for the modern woman, creating modest pieces with characteristic flair. Embracing diversity over uniformity, the South Korean label challenges outdated womenswear tropes with its distinctive approach to design. Highlighting individual expression through its ready-to-wear collections, TheOpen Product gives familiar wardrobe staples a unique and unusual twist: knit pieces feature cut-outs and asymmetric constructions, trousers reveal exposed seams, and handbags play with irregular proportions. Mid-length skirts and slouchy sweaters make reference to the early aughts, while the label’s muted color palette speaks to TheOpen Product’s minimalist leanings. Through its distinctive garments, TheOpen Product thoughtfully reinterprets time-proven silhouettes that disrupt the status quo.