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If you have found your way here, we probably don’t need to convince you of the benefits of denim – it’s one of the most-loved and most versatile fabrics in people’s wardrobes across the globe. It’s hard-wearing, goes with everything and you can wear it for almost any occasion. You can’t go wrong, right? Unfortunately, you can, and most denim faux-pas involve choosing the wrong denim wash. To help you out, we have assembled this guide to buy the denim that really suits you!

Common misconception: Styling denim is a one-size-fits-all approach - but: different washes require different considerations. The washing process gives denim its signature faded finish, helping to strengthen and colour the fabric, and leaving each wash with its unique texture. There is a wide range of colours and washes to choose from, from denim jackets to shirts and jeans. Consider this your foolproof guide to understanding and styling the different denim washes. Let’s dive in!


Raw denim

Denim gets its signature faded look through a special washing process (hence the terms light and medium wash!). Unwashed denim is darker in colour, and is also known as ‘raw denim’ or ‘rigid’. The untreated fabric is often stiffer, meaning it has to be worn (a lot) to fit your body perfectly. The beauty of raw denim is that it conforms to your figure and becomes uniquely yours over time! The fading on your raw denim depend on your movements and the activities you perform while wearing them. Due to its true workwear feel you might think it is pre-destined to be worn in colder weather but, as with most denim styles, it’s an easy year-round staple.

One tip to keep your denim as dark as possible: Soak it (only dip in cold water!) once before you wear it and then sparingly after that.


Medium wash

Medium-wash denim is around a shade lighter than dark wash denim, because it has been washed and dried a few times. A great all-rounder that suits most people that goes with basically anything. Levi’s 501s elevated the mid-tone blue to an eternal classic as it is easy to pair with a variety of colours and textures, making it a casual wardrobe must-have. Style it with a white T-Shirt and a pair of sneakers - you can’t go wrong!


Light wash

Light wash denim is around two shades lighter than medium wash denim (or two to three washes away from being categorized as bleached denim). Nothing beats a good pair of light wash denim for a stylish summer look, making it a popular choice for denim jackets and shirts as well as jeans. It’s also great for dressing down any outfit!


Natural denim

Natural denim is neither dyed nor bleached, thus the natural cotton shows an uneven and bumpy texture. To create the uneven texture running throughout the denim, irregular shaped slub yarns are utilized in the weaving process These yarns are thick in some parts and thin in others; this is what helps give the denim it’s distinct texture. Low tension weaving creates further irregularity in the fabric for an almost handwoven appearance. As light wash denim, the natural almost white color is a must for summer season though can also be worn on cold days (depending on the weight / thickness of the denim).


Black denim


Rather than a ‘wash’, black denim is dyed to varying tones. If it’s over-laundered the fabric is likely to fade more, though the fading will happen equally along the fabric. Black denim is always a good choice as it’s never out of style, and there’s almost nothing it won’t go with. Black denim jeans work for all styles from wide-leg to skinny, depending on your choice of style (and your footwear of course)!



That’s it! We hope we could provide a good first look into the topic (even though we could go on for hours about this). If you have any questions concerning denim and finding the perfect fit, our Customer Service will be happy to help you out.