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In December 2020, we teamed up with the Japanese label orSlow to create an exclusive model of French M-47 trousers.

The name OrSlow refers to the label’s ethos of crafting clothes with consideration, in reaction to fast fashion trends, digitalization and society. Each item is made in Japan using specialist machinery and locally sourced materials.

M47, in reference to "model 1947", which is the distinctive and iconic uniform of the French Army, offers a selection of vintage clothing in tune with today's fashion trends. The product of demanding research and curation across the world, these rare pieces are genuine fragments of the past. No two items alike, as their approach promotes differentiation by regulating stock intake. Originally intended for functional use, these clothes remain unmistakably modern in their cut and appeal.

After WW2, M-47 pants were less produced due to having a lot of special details and an extraordinary fit. Using these pants for lifestyle purposes was simply too expensive due to the many details. As Military surplus should be cheap, simple but also versatile, M-65 trousers can be widely seen across many brands, though M-47 pants were less produced after the war.

We decided to re-establish these pants as we really liked the fit and details that come with it. Another reason for the re-establishment was the fact that M-47 trousers are super difficult to find in the market; old deadstock models will cost you around 200-300€ on eBay.

After thorough research, we finally found a pair of M-47 pants in deadstock condition produced in the 1950s-60s. We sent it to our friends from orSlow and when they told us that they were able to find a very similar fabric in Japan, we decided to produce them in limited quantity.

All details were adopted from the original deadstock M-47 pants, but using modern and precise techniques from Japan. Handmade of course.

This article is followed by some photos and video footage of the production at orSlow's workshop.