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  • Shipping to Russia

    CULTIZM is officially registered with the Russian customs office for FedEx deliveries to private customers. This ensures that orders from CULTIZM up to a merchandise value of 200€ can be shipped tax-free to private customers in Russia. If the value of the merchandise exceeds 200€ additional import duties will apply. These are 15% of the imported goods’ value, as prescribed by state law.

    Please notice: New custom regulations for St. Petersburg and the area around St. Petersburg: Customers from this area need to pay a brokerage fee of 4000 RUB. In such cases CULTIZM will ship to this area only with German Post ( no brokerage fee ).

    Additionally your order at CULTIZM has to fulfill the following requirements to be tax-free:

    1. Each order can contain a maximum of 4 different groups of commodities
      (for example: Pants, Shoes, Jacket, Shirt)
    2. Each order can contain a maximum of 5 items
    3. All orders of one month can have a maximum weight of 31Kg
    4. Merchandise value of imported goods shall not be exceeded 200€ 

    For the import of goods by private customers, the following basic prerequisites are prescribed by the Russian customs office and you need to enter these at your CULTIZM account:

    1.    A valid mobile phone number and email address. (Should you not have a mobile phone number, you may provide a landline number. Please bear in mind that this can slow down the process and take additional time.)

    2.    The complete address must be provided, along with the following additional information, if available:

    1. Korpus
    2. Stroyeniye
    3. Podyezd
    4. Domofon/Kod

    3.    Shipments can only be delivered to private addresses. Business and office addresses cannot be used at this point.

    If these requirements are met, the Fedex Customs Broker (SPSR) will contact you within 2 working days via email or phone to gather the following information:

    1. First name/middle name/last name in Russian characters
    2. Number of the passport
    3. Broker Empowerment Confirmation
    4. Data privacy declaration

    Please bear in mind that this approval procedure can take up to two additional days.


    We’ve worked intensively on our new online shop to provide you a better shopping experience. From now on you can easily browse and order via tablet or smartphone.

    Please note:

    In order to continue to ensure the security of your data, we ask you to log in and assign a new password with the “forgot password?” function.

    Your order history can be sent to you on request. Unfortunately this cannot be displayed in the new shop, because of the complete new system.

    We are now looking forward to welcoming you to the new CULTIZM shop!

    Have fun


    If you have any question, please contact us at: info@cultizm.com