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Rudolf Järmann, a learned druggist from Wichtrach started producing his own shoecare products around 1936. The name Burgol is inspired by the name of the town - Burgdorf - he orignially started producing in. The original recipes are still used today and are still the best care you can give your leathershoes. All major custom shoemakers carry Burgol products and the brand will always remain its character of a small manufactured product that stands out through superb quality and by not being a mass-market product.

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Burgol Premium Shoe Pomade Nut
$ 14,68 *
Burgol Premium Shoe Pomade Bordeaux
$ 14,68 *
Burgol Shoe Wax Light Brown
$ 14,68 *
Burgol Shoe Wax Medium Brown
$ 14,68 *
Burgol Polishing Brush 30mm Light
$ 44,04 *
Burgol Dust Brush 15mm Dark
$ 44,04 *
Burgol Dust Brush 15mm Light
$ 44,04 *
Burgol Shoe Wax Darkbrown
$ 14,68 *

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