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Exclusive Collabo: Nudie Jeans Co. x Cultizm

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration


“globally exclusively at CULTIZM and strictly limited to 100 pairs and 100 jackets” 

It’s hard to believe that already a decade has passed since we started to carry Nudie Jeans in our online shop as one of the very first brands. As time goes by, both Nudie Jeans and Cultizm, went through an extensive development, accompanied by ups and downs, where we have shed tears, spit blood and plenty of sweat – but in the end it was all worth it.

To say it in Nudie Jeans’ words: “We love jeans, a passion we share with anyone who mourns a worn-out pair like the passing of a close friend.” And that’s exactly what we do and what kept our partnership bounded – and made it even stronger.

A partnership, which led to a close friendship. For that reason, we have created something special for you guys: A superb collaboration, consisting of the renowned Grim Tim Jeans and the Billy Jacket.

Last but not least, we would like to thank you all for supporting us and the special community you guys have created around Nudie Jeans and Cultizm! Let’s celebrate the 10th Anniversary, you are warmly invited!

 – Nudie Jeans & Cultizm – 

 Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

Grim Tim Jeans & Billy Jacket

The Grim Tim Jeans and Billy Jacket are made from beautiful 11oz Japanese fabrics from the Nihon Menpu Mill, which is one of Japan's premium selvage denim manufacturers. The fabric is 100% organic cotton and the irregular weave reminds of a hemp/linen blend – it just feels like an old stock denim. In addition, the dyeing process is a unique one and the outcome is a wonderful lighter shade of blue with a white selvage ID! This green cast, right hand twill fabric will be rich in contrast and beautiful crosshatch effects if you give it time to develop. Nudie Jeans says to wait at least six months before washing, and there's no reason why you shouldn't trust Sweden's number one denim brand on this one. All stitching in that classic Nudie Jeans orange, and silver trims and buttons.  

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

– Shop now the Grim Tim –

– Shop now the Billy Jacket –

Grim Tim is one of the most popular fits by Nudie Jeans. Thanks to the slim fit, a normal rise and straight cut leg, it fits like a glove and creates a cool and casual look right from the beginning. The back pocket embo stitching shows a curved “N“, the Nudie Jeans logo, that completes the signature look.

The Billy Jacket is the reincarnation of the classic trucker jacket. Strong denim, two chest pockets for your smaller belongings and a regular fit result in a faithful companion no matter which season. The aging and fading of the fabric over the time of wearing is an absolute highlight for every denim lover. Only then the true beauty of this jacket shines through.

Both, jeans and jacket, are individually numbered from 001 till 100 and globally exclusively available at www.cultizm.com!

Please keep in mind that this collaboration is a one-time-only production, which will not be restocked. We are talking about a highly limited collection consisting of 100 Grim Tims and 100 Billys each. Once they're gone, they will never return!

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration


– Shop now the Grim Tim –

– Shop now the Billy Jacket –

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

The best is yet to come: Nudie Jeans and Cultizm provide an outstanding Break-In Competition, in order to celebrate these unique items and to show how beautiful they can age.

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

Our Break-In Competition at Instagram

Breaking in a new pair of raw denims is a true test, a tough challenge, a long journey. It will take some time and patience to get at the point, where you can call the jeans your second skin. As you age, the denim will do so, too. Your special companion will become more and more beautiful with every wear and will leave its marks on the surface. Abrasions, scrapings and stains will reflect your entire journey. So wear and tear your denims and tell your own story.

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

– Shop now the Grim Tim –

– Shop now the Billy Jacket –

Entry deadline is the 1st of June, 2017. Throughout your break-in journey you are free to post as many pictures as you like under the hashtag #nudiejeansXcultizm. Please note that we do not choose by quantity, but by quality. In addition, you should take care to post to a public profile. Unfortunately, non-visible posts will be invalid. The Break-In Competition is all about having fun. We will delete any negative or offensive comments. By using the hashtag #nudiejeansXcultizm you give us both the permission to re-post your pictures. Self-promotion in your personal account is allowed (e.g. screenshot and then repost), but using third party apps (like RepostApp) for generating counterfeit likes is strictly forbidden. Let us be a part of your personal raw denim journey. Kick it hard and play fair. 

Key Dates

18.11.2016 – Start of the Break-In Competition

01.06.2017 – Entry deadline

08.06.2017 – The best 10 entries will be posted on our Cultizm Instagram

15.06.2017 – The best 5 entries will win



1. Place – Trip to Gothenburg (Winner plus 1) including two tickets for the Way Out West Festival 2017 (Attention: The Festival date is fixed! The Festival takes place August 10-12th) 

2. Place 500€* 

3. Place 250€*

4. Place 125€*

5. Place   75€*

*All prices in form of vouchers for purchasing at www.cutlizm.com. No cashout payment possible.

Visit Nudie Jeans Co. in their hometown Gothenburg in the summer time when city is at its best. Buzzing summer city with everything from pickled herring, meatballs, beers and not least Northern Europe's best music festival, Way Out West. Visit the Nudie Jeans HQ for a grand tour, the repair shops and enjoy yourself at Way Out West. 

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm CollaborationNudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

The official hashtag for the competition is #nudiejeansXcultizm. The best 5 entries will be posted on our Cultizm Instagram on 8th of June, 2017. The participant with the most likes until the 15th of June, 2017 (3PM CET) will win.

Nudie Jeans X Cultizm Collaboration

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