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Raw, Dry or Unwashed denim is denim in its original form. It won’t be treated with chemicals after weaving and does not come in contact with water after the completion of the garment. Raw denim is distinguished not only by its sturdiness and longevity, but also by an ecological advantage: By skipping processes such as washing, bleaching or distressing of the material, several thousand liters of water can be saved and potential hazards of chemicals can be prevented.

Wearing a raw jeans sometimes is hard work and thus genuine dedication to the product since it allows the wearer to adjust the jean to his or her unique physical shape. After a certain time this will result in a perfectly fitting denim jean that you literally can call your own second skin.

That is why Raw jeans should be worn some time before being washed to break them in properly. Washed to soon your jeans will lose a severe amount of indigo and the chance for high contrasts. The Break-In process takes different amounts of time, depending on the fabric and the model. Besides the opportunity to create unique, personalized trousers, raw jeans are also the strongest and toughest denim available, as it is not washed down and no material is wasted.

Here you will find a selection of our Raw and Best Brands. If you have any further questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your comments.




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