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Cultizm x North Works


CULTIZM x North Works

Collaboration to celebrate our 15 years anniversary
When we started this project, actually North Works wasn't on the list.
But we've been thinking like it could be also nice to collaborate with not only for the brands that we carried for a long time, but also a brand to carry for next 15 years.
North Works has built their reputation in Japan and Asia for a long time, there are many people who like and wear silver jewelry there, but not here that much.
But we saw the demand is growing here in europe as well, we tried and all customers loved it.
In that reason, we thought this silver jewelry scence will be growing for next years, and North Works is definitely a partner to work with next 15 years.
We came with the idea "what about we put the turquoise on their iconic feather pendant made from old coins?".
The size also little bigger than usual, we thought the original N-410 feather is slightly small for men.
It will come with the necklace made from silver and brushed carefully to give this 'used' feeling.
And of course it will come in a pouch as usual.
It's scheduled to be released in March, quantity is also highly limited.
Stay tuned for release date!


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