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BIRKENSTOCK poses as an exception in the fast-moving clothing industry. The historical roots of the company can be traced back to 1774. The brand, as we know it today, began in a small German town. A family of shoemakers maintained the tradition over decades as a family business and. Through numerous milestones, the tradition and deep knowledge led to a new understanding of healthy walking and the development of the Birkenstock footbed.

Children in Germany basically grow up in BIRKENSTOCKs. Worn and loved by biology teachers and doctors, we finally understand the “hype” around the soft footbed. Over the past years, more people started wearing BIRKENSTOCKs as casual shoes, especially in the summertime and of course numerous collaborations followed (032c, Stussy, Rick Owens, Jil Sander).

If you don’t understand the hype, you probably never have set foot in a pair of BIRKENSTOCK sandals. Once worn for the first time, it is hard to imagine returning to the foam sole of flip flops or sneakers.

The footbed can be described as a revolutionary product concept that has paved the way for a whole new market. It is also the guiding idea and functions as a reference point for everything the brand does. The design, which has been thought through down to the smallest detail and is based on the natural footprint of a foot in the sand, helps to ensure that the feet endure many hours in shoes as stress-free and comfortable as possible. This is made possible by the flexible cork-latex core, which is the starting point and reference point for all other BIRKENSTOCK model developments – up to the present day. To date, the original BIRKENSTOCK footbed is made of natural materials from sustainable raw material sources only: light natural cork, selected jute, high-quality natural latex and velvety soft suede leather as insole. Result: Unparalleled comfort and a pleasant foot climate.

A big advantage of the BIRKENSTOCK model range is the high dimensional accuracy. Once you have determined the right size as an adult, you can generally rely on the fact that all BIRKENSTOCK models of the same size fit within one article group – so you can easily reorder your favorite model without having to re-measure your feet every time.