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What do you get when you combine classic design and premium quality? The New Balance 327. The brand’s latest silhouette combines all high-quality features in one model. The sneaker is known for its light weight which makes it perfect for every day. It is inspired by the 70s and comes in many different colors. Decide for yourself how to wear the New Balance 327.

Inspired by ’70s heritage designs, the 327 running shoe boasts unmatched comfort and a casual aesthetic. The lightweight suede and mesh construction offers optimal breathability for added comfort, while the contemporary upper features a stylish oversized logo for a casual, retro-meets-modern aesthetic. With a bold style suitable for everyday wear, these casual shoes are a must-have for anyone looking to embrace the past through present style.

For this style New Balance used a suede leather upper and mesh parts, so each pair features durable fabrics for everyday use. It combines a classic running shoe with modern aesthetics.


When it comes to sneakers, there are very few models that have stood the test of time and remain as steady and ubiquitous as the New Balance 574. Initially designed as a technical running shoe to offer improved comfort, the 574 has since remained popular, being re-released a number of times and transitioning into an iconic casual design.

The 574 brief was to build a model for the price-conscious consumer – people that weren’t willing to buy into the Made in USA 990 line,” Sam Pearce, Creative Design Manager for footwear at New Balance, told The Fresh Press.

In 2018 New Balance decided to revisit the design of the 574 and reworked many aspects – notably the toebox shape. With its already wider front end, the toe had curved up more and become bulkier through the years. The design team created a sleeker shoe more true to its origins which was a welcome change for New Balance fans.

To this day, they remain New Balance's best-selling model - for many good reasons.


Proof that quality still exists, the Made in the USA 990 New Balance series is the ultimate blend of performance and style. Made without compromise, the 990 is a staple of both morning runs and fashion runways.

Let’s take a quick look at the history of the iconic 990 series:

Like all legacies, this particular saga began in 1982 with the debut of the New Balance 990. Developed from four years of research and design, the 990 broke ground with an unprecedented $100 price-tag and a disruptive grey-dominant colorway. The majority of competitive running shoes were tied to bright neons, so NB chose to stand out by simply cleansing the palate.

After the release of updated versions - 990v2 in 1998, 990v3 in 2012 and 990v4 in 2016 - NB released the most recent iteration of their famous 990 model in 2019 - named of course 990v5.

Though it has only been 2 years since the release of the 990v5, the New Balance 990v6 has already been unveiled.  Teddy Santis, the founder of Aimé Leon Dore and soon-to-be creative director of New Balance’s Made in USA division posted a photo of the sneaker on Instagram - more info coming soon.


The M991 which was released in 2001, filtered the legendary 990 through a modern lens – resulting in an aggressive stance thanks to the streamlined toe box. For the first time, the ABZORB foam peeked out not only from beneath the heel but was also visible from below the forefoot, indicating the superior cushioning that lay within. The slim design seamlessly incorporated motion control, which flowed from the midsole and gave the design an edge of modern minimalism. The outsole also introduced the new Ndurance rubber compound, which promised maximum durability in high-wear areas.

To this day, the 991 model is manufactured in New Balance’s UK facility in Flimby, England, to ensure best craftsmanship and highest quality.