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Momotaro Jeans

"MOMOTARO" - People always imagine "OKAYAMA"…"OKAYAMA" - People always imagine "JEANS"
Beloved all over the world now, Japanese Jeans are one of the most respectable products - with detailed works of dyeing ,weaving ,sewing and washing, they became the best in the world by their strictly artisanal spirits.

The origin of Japanese Jeans is in "KOJIMA-OKAYAMA". Once upon a time…there were many dream believers in OKAYAMA also know as "KIBI LAND". There are artisans who have been creating the best denim in the world and strictly stick to the low-technology which no one wants to use nowadays. Always having their hands in Indigo blue, they have been trying to seek their goal -  to find the perfect BLUE for denim as well as the best cotton and yarn to test  the textile limits. "MOMOTARO JEANS" is not a brand which only provides fashion, they are a "REAL CLOTHING BRAND" to be loved forever.

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