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The company was founded in 2006 with the aim to question the norm of travel bags in a modern environment. It started with the search for a bag that closes the gap between functional sports bags and elegant fashion bags on the current market. Because they did not find such a piece of luggage, they started to produce bags themselves. Inspired by the practical metal buckles, seatbelt straps and water-repellent canvas on parachuting gear, they designed their first piece, the QWSTION backpack. A no-fuss, dependable piece of luggage and a reflection of the philosophy: simple, clever and honest.

Good answers are always the result of the right question. And if your answer is a bag that suits you perfectly, then QWSTION can get you there. Their goal is to create the perfect bag for people in a modern environment.

The team is passionate about finding solutions for honest and contemporary products with a high level of quality and sustainable ways of production. Products for people who are looking for the extraordinary.

If you’re asking for the perfect everyday bag, QWSTION has the answer.


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