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Italian fashion designer Renzo Rosso established his now world famous brand Diesel in 1978. He chose the name for being the ultimate fuel of the modern world and for its special feature of being pronounced the same way in all languages.

All Diesel items represent the founder's passion for denim and leather. As the brand Diesel is free from conventions and norms, the same goes for all their customers. They should enjoy their freedom and create their very own and individual Diesel look and style. Despite its immense growth since 1978, the company has always been true to their original philosophy: Founder Renzo Rosso envisioned a brand representing passion, individuality and self-realization - characteristics that are still visible in each of Diesel's collections. More than ever Diesel is a symbol for innovation, new styles and a deep commitment to quality. Meanwhile, the cult brand is represented in over 80 countries.

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