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Nigel Cabourn

Nigel Cabourn has worked in the fashion industry for over forty years; his clothing has little in common with most people’s concept of the word fashion. He is not influenced by trends but a long standing passion for vintage clothing, fabric and details. He has an vintage clothing archive of over 4,000 pieces, including salvaged British Military uniforms and a trove of exploration garments unearthed from all corners of the globe. It is this ever increasing collection that is the cornerstone of each collection to create a real story, sense of history and integrity underpinned by the highest level of quality. The inspiration for the Authentic Line was Sir Edmund Hillary and the 1953 Ascent of Everest. This was such a remarkable human achievement and the clothes worn were basically all military, customized for the climb. Nigel had many of the originals in his vintage library so he set about recreating them as close to the originals as possible. He used British manufacturers and original British fabrics. Today every Authentic Range follows the very same philosophy of vintage and quality.

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