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"Let's embrace Swedish melancholy. Embracing rain is a good start."

Alexander Stutterheim founded the brand Stutterheim in 2010. The inspiration was the old rain jacket of his grandfather, which he used for fishing every day. Alexander bought fabrics and tried to recreate the design of the rain jacket. Over time he developed it further and the result was a modern version of a classic oil jacket: the 60s Raincoat. Since then, the aim of the brand has been to create functional rain- and outdoor clothing, which is characterized by a timeless design. Meanwhile, the former two-person company employs more than 20 people, but still works in the Södermalm region of Stockholm.

We are inspired by the simple, typical Scandinavian design of Stutterheim and the certainty of having a response to the strongest rain. Finally, it is possible to be stylishly dressed even in the worst weather conditions.

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