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Jason Markk

Jason Markk is now one of the most important brands in the field of shoe care and which also has a reason: Although there are many products for the professional cleaning and care of leather shoes and boots, there was no real product for the Sneakerheads. Jason Markk has made a virtue of the lack and developed his own sneaker soap in 2007. Since then the premium Shoe Cleaner is part of the basic equipment of every sneaker fan. Never again your favorite sneakers have to be cleaned with harsh chemicals.

Shortly after the founding, the brand was quickly hailed by enthusiasts, collectors and publications as the best shoe care product on the market. More recently, Jason Markk launched the first dual-textured cleaning wipe for sneakers and shortly after that, a premium stain and water repellent. We estimate the company's goal to satisfy the needs and desires of sneaker fans by creating new products through innovative and creative development.

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