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Blind Barber

Blind Barbers bring back the traditional Barbershop. As a place where people not only get a new haircut or a shave, but as a meeting place for friends and mates. As a place where one can exchange ideas and make new contacts. Blind Barber is not only a barbershop, but also a bar. A kind of clubhouse. Blind Barber's vision is to combine personal care and fashion with lifestyle. Shortly after the start of the project by Jeff Laub, Adam Kirsch and Josh Boyd they opened a second Blind Barber location in Los Angeles. In addition, the Barbers published a personal grooming line for their customers, so they can remain styled between appointments. Even with the toiletries the Blind Barbers show an eye for quality, but also style and finesse. Their pomade has promptly won the 2013 Best Groom Award of Wallpaper magazine.

The first impression counts. And that could not have been better for the Blind Barber products. The sleek, stylish package is appealing, the products have a pleasant convincing, multi-layered, but not too offensive odor and can fully satisfy in practice. Personal care products for the modern man who likes to rely blindly in terms of quality and style on traditional crafts.

Stay Handsome

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