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Lee Originals


More than hundred years have now passed since H.D. Lee set his original aims and standards of "quality and strength at fair price". Necessity for the railroad workers, cowboys, farmers, ... who all had a demand for clothing that was strong and protective. An exact, detailed replica of how jeans were made decades ago, Lee Originals are unique, timeless and pure perfection.

Produced in Japan, the jeans-mecca, the Originals authenticity is guaranteed. Using the same sewing, cutting and weaving machines and handcraft as in the 30's, 40's and 50's, each garment will have its own uniqueness. A true personality reflected in details like labels, buttons, rivets, reinforcement stitches and even in the ultra tough, ultra tightly woven denims.

Lee Originals are not about setting new trend, they are just rediscovering tradition and the true Lee heritage from a time where jeans weren't a fashion item.

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