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Chippewa Boots

The Chippewa Shoe Manufacturing Company was organized in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. Practically its entire output went to the lumber camps of Northern Wisconsin. These Lumbermen’s boots were made to the exact specifications of the men who were to wear them; rugged open country men who would be away for months cutting timber and driving logs, giving their footwear the hardest usage imaginable. Timber Country called for shoes of supreme quality, which would withstand any test of durability under any outdoor conditions. The high quality of Chippewa boots and shoes spread from coast to coast, and are now recognized as the maybe finest and most durable of all outdoor footwear.

Individualism, freethinking and opportunity. Chippewa is a brand that embodies the true American spirit as well as the American Dream of hard labour which will lead to success. True success that you can feel, see and be proud of by wearing these original pieces of American history. Another thing that we like is the overall design of Chippewa’s boots. They do not deny their true workwear heritage, but simultaneously being elegant and fashionable. In every way the perfect blend.

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