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Brooklyn Soap Company

Brooklyn Soap Company is a German brand, which was born in New York City. Therefore their products are not only all made and developed in Germany, but handcrafted for every order. Besides every component of their value chain is made and sourced in Germany resulting in a top-notch product quality.

Instead of using parabens, lauryl sulphate or silicone oils, it is the Brooklyn Soap founder’s approach to completely rely on natural organic ingredients including real natural oils - no chemical bullshit. When the source ingredients are that trustworthy, there is no need to animal test the product - a industrial cruelty Brooklyn Soap absolutely rejects.

Every product of Brooklyn Soap is an engineered piece of liquid art with the simple but honest purpose to make the user look, smell and feel good. This is the way to go for everyone who doesn’t believe in drugstore cosmetics nor in long labels listing never ending chemical gibberish. The Brooklyn Soap Company is on a mission to turn every regular into a dapper gentlemen. Their manly cosmetic products are quick reminder right during the morning shower, what men are really made off: Power.


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