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For No Nationality challenges, big ideas and strong personalities are important and the core of the brand. To experience life and live without prejudice or limits. The brand makes clothes for those who are like them. In love with the perfect fit, a unique craftsmanship and paying attention to every little detail in clothes, work and life. No Nationality does not encourage consuming without thinking or throwing things away. For them clothes are just like people. They get better with time, and become part of your own history while you wear them. After years they can tell their own story. That's why No Nationality creates clothes that stand the test of time.
No Nationality is a clothing brand with a different way of looking at the world, and sometimes a different way of doing things.
They travel the world to get photos for their catalogues. Their models are people they meet in their lives or on the streets. So far, they’ve published different journey catalogues: Streets of Paris, Nomads of Morocco, Restaurants in New York, Swedish Countryside, Russian Experience, Tokyo Take, Argentinian Tango, and Icecold Iceland.

A mission to be continued…

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