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Grenson is a long-running shoe company located in the UK and originally founded by only one man: William Green. From a very young age he had helped his mother building men's boots. In 1866 however, he decided to enlarge the business from a small cottage company to an actual shoe manufacturer. He collected orders, sourced materials and oversaw the building process. The quality of his shoes became known quickly and he eventually build a factory in 1874 to meet the increasing demand. The inital name for his boots and shoes - Green & Son - soon changed into Grenson and marked the beginning of a thriving brand.
Today Grenson still provides high quality boots made in England. All shoes go through 4 different stages in the factory - Clicking, Closing, Lasting/Making, Finishing/Shoe Room. These steps altogether take three weeks and include the old technique of Goodyear welting - this method of construction allows for a lasting quality and the possibility to resole the boots many times.

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