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Seil Marschall

Seil Marschall has always been a small company and has never really changed that. They prefer delivering to a small circle of customers, who know about the supreme quality and their fine products. All Seil Marschall products are produced in the finest quality  - often by hand - and all that since 1896. For many companies quantity is now more important than quality - a development Seil Marschall has never followed and will never follow. They have been true to their early philosophy and proudly stay on that course. Their unmatched quality cannot be achieved in large quantities, as their hands are still the most sophisticated machines. Marschall uses the finest natural materials available and adds intellegent details that provide safety and function in outdoor situations. Quality just like in grandfathers' times - all products are handmade in Good Old Germany - since 1896 and nothing is going to change that.

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