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The two men behind Tellason have been friends for two decades and they have always had an affinity for all things well crafted and authentic.  After working in the apparel industry for 20 years, it was time they took things into their own hands and made something of their own - something that stood up to their personal waterline, so to speak.  A proper pair of men's jeans was the answer so they  took it from there and went out to make a pair of jeans that mattered. What the two guys came up with was a range of jeans they are proud of: great fits, beautiful fabrics from Cone Mills' White Oak plant in Greensboro, North Carolina that is cut and sewn in San Francisco, California. They had their eye on the best denim shops in the world and are happy to say that many of them have found a place in their store for Tellason! We feel like Tellason has found a good home, here at!

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