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Uniforms For The Dedicated

Uniforms for the Dedicated was founded in 2007 as a collective of artists, musicians, film makers and designers – a playground of creative talent that today provides influence and inspiration to their clothing line as well as stand alone projects under the Uniforms for the Dedicated creative umbrella. The Listener - the name given to the Spring Summer 13 collection and conceptual work this season - is their take on the importance and beauty of story telling. Some stories have inspired them to such an extent that they decided to work with the people behind them. One is of surrealist artist Antonio Lourenco, a dissident of the former military regime in Portugal, who has hidden his artistic talent whilst spending the last 30 years working as a librarian in Sweden. Another is that of modern circus men Eos, Aaron and Valia who tell a vibrant story through their explosive acrobatics. An essential source of inspiration for UFTD is the abundance of great stories that surround us. They choose to slow down and simply listen, believing in the correlation between inspiration, perception and real action.

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